About Me

Hi, I’m Cloe. I am a fully qualified and insured Veterinary physiotherapist

My interest in veterinary physiotherapy was first sparked when my own horse was diagnosed with Sacroiliac dysfunction. It was at this point that I discovered the profession and I was determined to have a career in the industry. I have since graduated from Writtle university college with a masters degree in veterinary physiotherapy (MVetPhys) in 2020. I am also  a certified and insured Equinology equine Bodyworker (EEBW). I am a member of two professional bodies: NAVP and RAMP. 

As part of my veterinary physiotherapy practice, I aim to remove tension and pain by utilising various electrotherapy and manual therapy techniques. Animals can only perform to the level that their body allows. When we are able to alleviate pain and/or tension we provide the best opportunity for building correct strength; consequently we allow our animals to work to the best of their ability.

Animal welfare is the most important factor to me when providing veterinary physiotherapy; the welfare of each animal should come before their ability to perform under saddle or succeed in competition. We, as owners, need to be sensitive to our horses/dogs needs and allow them to speak up when they are in discomfort. By treating animals empathetically we are able to build a greater level of trust with them. I believe this is so important when building a relationship with our animals to ensure that it is enjoyable for both parties and especially when aiming for a competitive partnership.