Interesting Links

Canine Arthritis Management

CAM offer great information and advice for owners of dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis. Lots of their advice is also relevant for other conditions or perfectly healthy dogs! They have a brilliant facebook page and support group called ‘Holly’s Army’. I would highly recommend having a look at their page either for advice or just to know that you are not alone if you have a dog suffering from OA.

The role of manual therapies in managing equine pain

The role of manual therapies in managing equine pain – Haussler

A very important  video for horse owners!

This video is great. Please listen to your horses, they can only communicate to you in a few ways.

Kineso Taping:

What is Kinesio taping and how does it work?

Saddle Fit:

More interesting articles on how you can test saddle fitting, other than by using a qualified saddle fitter:

Dog Collars and Harness’s:

Interesting article about how different types of collars and head-collars can affect the stress level in dogs and help to correct behavioral problems:

Comparison of behavioural and physiological responses of dogs wearing two different types of collars

Videos showing how different harnesses influence your dogs movement:

Joint Supplements in Horses:

Ramey, D., Eddington, N., Thonar, E. and Lee, M. (2002) ‘An analysis of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate content in oral joint supplement products,’ Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 22(3) pp. 125–127:

Murray, R., Walker, V., Tranquille, C., Spear, J. and Adams, V. (2017) ‘A Randomized Blinded Crossover Clinical Trial to Determine the Effect of an Oral Joint Supplement on Equine Limb Kinematics, Orthopedic, Physiotherapy, and Handler Evaluation Scores,’ Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 50 pp. 121–128.


Using boots and bandages for horses:

Green, E. (2014) ‘The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Boots and Bandages on Tendons When Working a Horse.,’:

Click to access emma_green_student_no_100536_dissertation_module_10_final_copy.pdf

Saddle Fit:

A video that I found a while back that I thought was sooo useful:

Sacro-illiac problems in horses:

This article from Horse and Hound may help you to understand more about Sacroiliac joint pain in horses:

Understanding sacroiliac pain in horses

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